Saturday, February 23, 2013

The rest of 2012

Luke and Layton are growing so quickly it is just insane!!! My last post was all pictures and I think I finished them off around Halloween, so that's where I'll start.

Lance did quite a bit of hunting this year and there were a few weekends that we were at his uncles ranch in Llano, only if we weren't at an A&M football game.

For Thanksgiving we decided to go to my brothers house between the ranch trips.

Here are a few pics of the boys at their school Thanksgiving program.

Grandparents were invited to the program and my mom and Charlotte came to both of the boys.

Luke was completely shy and I had to get him off the stage before even a note was sung. Bless his heart, he was a crying mess dealing with the anticipation of having to sing to a crowd. He did not get that from me.

Around this time I also dressed the boys up for Christmas card pictures that I was bound and determined to take myself!

It was Luke's idea to have the bowtie. Adorable!
Here's a copy of our finished product...

And sweet Luke did not feel complete until he had a tree of his own in his room!

We all had a great Christmas and a great start to a new year!

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Monday, December 31, 2012

Fall Part 1

We have been oh so busy and I just needed to take a second to actually post something.

I love Lincoln logs. That's all for this picture.

I love Luke, he's freaking adorable.

Birthday party at pump it up, Layton absolutely loves pump it up!

We were very unsure of what he actually wanted to be for Halloween, so I took him to pick out his own costume.

Just for posterity peeing pic.

This one of Layton is from Sci-port in Shreveport, it's an awesome place!

Little stud again.

Neither one of my children really enjoyed the gooey stuff inside the pumpkin.

And here he is...the buff conductor.

And the power ranger.

More to come...

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Yes, Layton has been 3 for over a month and I haven't posted about it. I WILL TOMORROW.

I'm a fan of the Lincoln Log. Yep, I am. My kids like to wrestle...that doesn't really scream "good times" to me, so typically I end up begging them to build things with me. Or watch me while I build things.

My beautiful child.

Soccer, soccer, soccer. I just don't know where to begin, except that we won't be playing next year. The boys will totally be tailgating and hunting age-there go fall sports.

Speaking of tailgating, here's Sara and I before the La Tech game this year.

And here's Lance and I- first thing I thought when I took it, "PROFILE PIC". Facebook may be the work of the devil.

Little angel. This kid is such the baby. Lance and I divided the kids to conquer two birthday parties a couple weeks ago. Layton loves pump it up!

I love this picture. In a very weird way, it melts my heart. My kids are going to kill me!

Luke Michael colored this the other day. A kid at school told him he scribbled and it makes me so sad that he has busted his tail to color inside the lines. I could care less how he colors things. It's all about perspective, if he perceives his drawing to be awesome, I hope he defends it.

Halloween post to come also!

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Sunday, October 7, 2012


Lately the boys really love hearing "My Hope Is In You" by Aaron Shust and we all love to sing it. Tonight they wanted me to play it over and over...and over again. At one point the song was over and I was starting it again, Luke said, "You know it's good for you to sing?" I said "Oh yeah, because it makes you feel good." Then he replied with, " No, because it makes God feel good!"

It dawned on me that he's so right. I've always thought as singing as a huge part of MY time with God, but what Luke said made me think of things a little differently. If you are a parent I can almost guarantee that you think it's the cutest thing you have ever seen when your child sings. What about getting a video of that singing? I've done it. It's one of the memories of the boys I'd like to have forever. Now, imagine God feeling that way about us singing...and singing about him...with our children.

Goodness, it gives me the chills!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall Is In Full Swing

The season has begun. School, football, routine, A COLD's all here.

The kids are going to the First Methodist Day School this year. They go on Tuesday and Wednesday from about 9-noon and Thursday they can go all day. They both really like it, which is such a blessing. When Luke got out of the car on Thursday and I told him he'd be staying all day, he gave me a little fist pump and said "yes!".

I've also recently started a new bible study. We are doing The Patriarchs by Beth Moore. I love that lady so much, I'm not sure there's a woman who doesn't.

I've started a run group at Social Fitness along with the owner of the studio. My group meets on Tuesday and we are all training for a 5k. I'm so excited to be training again for a race. The jury is still out on whether or not I'll run the White Rock half marathon this year, but I'm leaning more towards doing it. Lance, on the other hand, is a running machine. I am so, so proud of him for keeping up with it, and he's super fast too. The guy is awesome.

Luke has started soccer and scored his first goal at his first game! I somehow ended up being an assistant coach. I know absolutely NOTHING about soccer. NOTHING, so Lance has taken over that role. Luke asked what grateful meant the other day, then told me, "well, I'm grateful you signed me up for soccer." He wanted to wear his cleats out of Academy the day we got them...cutest thing. I also just got him a tennis racquet and we have been going to the courts at the golf course to practice with the net. He even does the little grunt when he hits the ball. I think it's cute, obviously.

Layton turned 3 on September 21. I'm sad. Very, very sad. I'll have to do a separate post on him very soon. We had a pancakes and pajamas party that was oh so fun! I love birthday parties.

Other than those things, Lance and I watched Texas A&M beat the hell outta Arkansas last weekend. Loved every second of it.

Please keep ladies who are having trouble conceiving in your prayers, there always seem to be so many worthy women with that emptiness in their heart.

-Update on Layton SOON! I've got to get on the ball!

Lots of posts to write...

But before I forget...
Luke just told me he loves me more than getting the mail, and taking showers, and everything he does.

Those are things I never want to forget.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


A few weeks ago we flew to South Carolina with Lance so that he could work a little bit. Flying has gotten so much better now that the boys are older...but don't get me wrong, flying IS NOT FUN WITH KIDS. We stayed the majority of our trip at the golf course in North Carolina, Balsam Mountain Preserve.

How beautiful is that? It is, I know.

We also decided to take the boys on a Dino train ride, similar to the Polar Express ride we have taken here in Texas.

This sweet baby was tired and I'm so glad he got to rest his head a minute with his Mawmaw.

The train ride lasted about 20 minutes, riding along a gorgeous river, then stopped at a field opening up to concessions and games for the kids.

We left for the Carolinas on my birthday and the weekend after we got back Sara brought a cake over to celebrate while we played Phase 10.

Thanks Auntie Sara!!

Since there is a massive amount of global warming going on, I'll be damned if it hasn't cooled off in Texas. Wink, wink. I've been taking the boys to the park and train station lately. Both things you can do outside instead of swimming.

This train is HUGE!! They keep it at the train depot in Marshall and the boys loved climbing all over it.
There were also two train tables inside. (This is where I should probably note, because I know I'll forget, that Layton plays with his train table EVERY MORNING. It's his routine. We wake up, get milk, and play with trains.) Layton could not get enough of the train tables at the depot and it made my time trying to get him out utterly delightful.

The day I took them to see the trains, we had gone to the park first. I left the park in a hurry when I heard Luke say "Damn I'm good" after he climbed to the top of the mountain thing made of cables. I'm sure, when he's thirty, I'll think there is some humor in this story, but not right now. When I told Lance what Luke said, he pointed out that I took him to play on trains for cussing at the park. Not great patenting skills on my part.

The reason Luke knows that word...

He listens to my music. Typically he's good on what I tell him to listen to and what he will stay away from; although, Gavin Degraw has a song that says "Damn". It's a catchy tune.

My next post will be just as sporadic as this one. I'm just trying to keep it real.